NTGent, Ghent’s municipal theatre, installs Vivalyte

Vivalyte, a LED-lit technology provider for signage and visual communication, has installed two Vivalyte LED-lit panels at the front façade of the main NTGent venue at the heart of the city of Ghent, Belgium. The signage systems will be used to advertise NTGent’s ongoing and future plays and projects.

As a non-profit organization, NTGent strives to keep the operation cost of their signage installations to a minimum and is determined to be a role model in sustainability and social responsibility. For that reason, NTGent carefully examined the technology evolution with products that can help to achieve their goal.

Traditional light boxes with fluorescent tubes often suffer from fast fading illumination sources, which need frequent replacement, as well as unevenly distributed light causing a “zebra effect”. This significantly sacrifices the effectiveness in drawing attention and delivering an eye-catching visual experience. Vivalyte offers a LED-lit product range to address these issues with traditional technologies.

General Manager of NTGent Mr. Kurt Melens comments: ”Although theatres are a niche market, some aspects of our company follow the same logic as any organization. Carrying sustainability in our company values, we searched for a supplier that is flexible enough to investigate all aspects with us and come with the right solution. That’s why we selected Vivalyte. Meanwhile, through our membership of Green Track, an initiative of the cultural actors in Ghent to work on environmental care, and through investments with a healthy ROI (return on investment), we create a win-win situation both for the environment and for our exposure. We hope many colleagues will follow once they see the effect of our new panels.”

By using the latest 3rd generation LED-lit LGP (Light Guide Panel) technology, the Vivalyte LED-lit panel offers a consistent and uniform brightness level over time, avoiding dark zones or zebra effects. In addition, it delivers 30% more efficiency than existing LED-lit LGP solutions and saves up to 70% of energy compared to fluorescent tubes. Thanks to its extremely thin design, the panel is also ideal for us in creative setups.