Vivalyte, a range of LED-lit systems for signage, presents a new LED-lit panel as part of its product range. The highly efficient LED illuminated panel is suited for poster frames, light boxes, retail POS and in-store displays.

The Vivalyte LED-lit panel delivers the best in class visual experiences by offering a better and more uniform light quality, a lower total cost of ownership and easy installation, all combined in an artistic package. It is ideal for high-impact, creative installations in both indoor as well as outdoor settings.

By using the latest 3rd generation LED-lit LGP (Light Guide Plate) technology, the Vivalyte LED-lit panel offers a consistent and uniform brightness level over time, avoiding dark zones or zebra effects. In addition, it delivers 30% more efficient than existing LED-lit LGP solutions and is more than 70% energy saving compared to fluorescent tubes.

The Vivalyte LED-lit panel is thinner and lighter than any existing LED system, making it easier and cheaper to transport, store and install. Thanks to its flexible design, it can range from any standard size (A4/A3/A2/A1/A0) up to 6 meters wide, the largest size available in industry. The thinner panels also open the doors to a variety of creative set-ups, such as the Wave panel. By bending the Vivalyte panels panels, the light box becomes a more artistic object that automatically catches peoples’ eyes and make ads stand out more than with a simple square light box.

Vivalyte launches the LED-lit panel at Sign2Com in Kortrijk Xpo, taking place from 9th September to 11th September, booth number 4179.

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