Vivalyte, a range of LED-lit systems for signage, presents a new LED-lit bar technology as part of its product range. The product is available in back-lit or edge-lit version is suited for poster frames, indoor and outdoor light boxes, retail POS and in-store displays.

The Vivalyte LED-lit bars deliver the best in class visual experiences by offering a better and more uniform light quality, a lower total cost of ownership and easy installation, available for light boxes in any size both indoor as well as outdoor applications. Purposely designed with optical components to diffuse the light, Vivalyte LED bars deliver a uniform light within a small space. This makes it ideal for extra large light displays.

The Vivalyte VDL is a direct back-lit LED bar, with a power consumption ranging from 6W to 14W, while the Vivaly VSL is an edge-lit LED bar, with a power consumption ranging from 6W to 48W. When used in 24/7 applications, these result in much lower electricity bills, offering customers a very short period for return on investment (ROI) compared to light boxes with traditional fluorescent tubes.

By using only the best LED technology available on the market, Vivalyte LED bars guarantee not only the highest lighting quality possible, but also a maximum reliability. The high power LED chips have an excellent thermal performance, ensuring a long lasting luminance and color stability. This increases the light efficiency and uniformity, as well as improves the design and installation efficiency to reduce the total cost of ownership. The solid aluminum frame makes it easy to install and helps maintain the system’s temperature management for a longer lifetime.

Vivalyte launches the LED-lit bar at Sign2Com in Kortrijk Xpo, taking place from 9th September to 11th September, booth number 4179.

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