Innovative Lighting

The same edge-lit LED panel technology has been used to design a unique flat panel lighting product line.

Key Benefits:

High efficiency: efficiency 20% higher than existing edge-lit panel light products.

Uniform and anti-glare optics: avoiding glare when you look directly at the light. Perfect for office environment.

Super slim: thickness < 9mm, takes minimum space on the ceiling.

light weight: easy to transport and install.

Standard dimensions and specification:

Product Model Dimensions Thickness Power Consumption Input power Constant Current
VPL-030312 300*300MM 9mm 12W 850mA
VPL-030624 300*600MM 9mm 24W 850mA
VPL-060636 600*600MM 9mm 36W 850mA
VPL-060648 600*600MM 9mm 48W 850mA
VPL-031236 300*1200MM 9mm 36W 850mA
VPL-031248 300*1200MM 9mm 48W 850mA