VDL backlit LED bar

banner The VDL direct back-lit LED bars are installed behind the printed graphics within the light box or wall, which can be composed of aluminum frame or any other material. The LED bars at equally spaced distances from each other. They are ideal for single-sided light boxes and large format applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • LED bar with dedicated optics
The batwing lens for VDL

VDL with batwing lens of 170° beam angle

The high power LEDs of the Vivalyte LED bar are equipped with a special lens developed with patent, which results in a brighter and more uniform image without dark spots or zebra effects. These specially optics increase the light efficiency by 30%.

  • Enhanced Reliability for LED, driven on constant current

LED is operating most stable when the current is stable,  this ensure the LED’s reliability as well as performance consistency. With constant current, the light output and the color of each led would be also kept consistent on the chain. This also eases the installation of daisy chaining the LEDs together.

  • Extended Lifetime, Reduced total cost of ownership.

First grade LED chip, excellent thermal performance. Enhanced cooling by the MCPCB board and aluminum bar, ensuring an extended life time of operations for the whole system, with minimum illumination degradation. All Vivalyte products are with selected LED with proven LM80 test result for the life time performance.

  • Modular design, available in various sizes: Easy installation and maintenance

VDL LED Bar family is designed with maximum ease of installation in mind. The led module is pre-assembled on the aluminum bar which resemble the same length just as the fluorescent tubes. It saves time and cost for both new installation and retrofit. The LED bar can be simply daisy chained, as it’s designed to work on stable current along the chain. And water proof connectors are at two sides to have simple connection.

VDL product family product models:

  • VDL 2W:  High Power (2W/LED),
    • Ideal for large light box more than 10cm thick,
  • VDL-SN:  Ultra Thin  (0.4W/LED),
    • Need a led solution to fit into extremely thin light box but still deliver excellent illumination? This is the perfect solution for anything below 4cm thick.
  • VDL-1W:  Single LED (1W LED),
    • Flexible module on a string, ideal for both light box and channel letters, with minimum 6-7cm space behind.

Key specification of VDL series product:

-VDL Direct backlit LED Bars
Model Length (mm) Model & Qty of high power LED per Bar Power input (constant current or constant voltage) Power (W) Light Output(Lm/LED Light Output(Lm/Bar) Beam Angle
Vivalyte Direct Backlit LED Bar, water proof (IP65), Highbrightness, 2.24W/LED
VDL-606H 600 3 700mA CC 2.24W/LED 210 630 170°
VDL-808H 800 4 700mA CC 2.24W/LED 210 840 170°
VDL-1212H 1200 6 700mA CC 2.24W/LED 210 1260 170°
VDL-1414H 1400 7 700mA CC 2.24W/LED 210 1470 170°
Vivalyte Direct Backlit LED Bar, Super thin (50mm), 0.4W, 24VDC
Model Length (mm) 0.4W LED Power Consumption (W) Light Output(Lm/LED Light Output(Lm/Bar) Beam Angle
VDL-SS540 540 7 24V DC 2.8 50 350 >160°
VDL-SS700 700 7 24V DC 2.8 50 350 >160°
Vivalyte Single LED Module, 30pc / string, distance adjustable between 5cm to 20cm between LEDs
Model Length (mm) 1W LED Power Consumption (W) Light Output(Lm/LED Light Output(Lm/module) Beam Angle
VDL-S1W 6m/string, 30pc / string, distance adjustable. 1 350mA CC 1 110 110 >160°