Vivalyte LED Bar

The Vivalyte LED Bar technology

The Vivalyte LED bars can be used for any size light box and are available in a both direct back-lit or indirect edge-lit model. Vivalyte LED bars bring the light to be evenly distributed to where it’s needed on the surface of light boxes or light walls, thanks to unique optical design of the lens. The latest LED chips with superb thermal performance combined with a rigid aluminum frame, it offers longer lifetime than traditional light boxes. Thanks to the flexible length and water proof connectors, installation can be done much faster.
They are ideal for use in various sizes of light boxes, light walls, ceilings and indoor/outdoor signage.

Wide Spectrum of Products to choose from:

Key Benefits:

  • Superb Visual Quality
    • Higher brightness efficiency
    • Excellent uniform distribution of light
  • Improved Sustainability
    • Ultra-long life time, ensured by excellent thermal cooling design with an aluminum bar
    • Robust reliability, even in harsh environments ( dry, warm, wet…)
    • Stable color and light output
    • 0 Mercury, 0 UV light.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
    • Saving energy, reduce operational cost by 70% comparing to Fluorescent tubes, and 15%-30% comparing to conventional LEDs
    • Saving on consumables and waste disposal
    • Saving on labor
    • Available in various sizes, easy and flexible installation setup