LED Edgelit Panel

The Vivalyte Edge-lit LED panel is a single-piece panel, available in various sizes up to 6 meters, and in various models. Thanks to its extremely thin design, the panel is ideal for use in creative setups.

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Vivalyte Edge-lit Panel Technology

Light Guide Plate technology comparison
A Light Guide Plate (LGP) distributes the light coming from the light source throughout the whole panel surface. There are various LGP systems available to choose from. Vivalyte offers the latest LGP technology on the market, which holds many benefits over the older ones (screen printing and laser engraving), especially for the signage industry.

Screen printing (dot-print)
• Needs an extra diffusion panel to distribute the light
• Obvious dark areas in the center of large format products
• High production costs

Laser engraving (V-cut)
• The light guide plate thickness needs to be at least 4mm
• High production costs
• Obvious dark areas in the center of large format products
• Non-uniform light distribution

• Suitable for all sizes
• High brightness, without dark areas
• Uniform light distribution
• Compatible with any poster printing material
• No extra diffusion panel needed

Signage technology comparison

Signage technology comparison chart