Slimbox with 45mm thicknessEuropean Sign Expo, London, 25th June  2013

Vivalyte extended it’s VDL backlit LED bar portfolio with VDS-SS540, a LED solution designed to work in a space within an incredible 4cm depth. It delivers excellent homogeneous light across large format visuals. While taking minimum space, it’s ideal for retail in-store communications where every centi-meter is precious.

The Vivalyte LED-lit bars deliver the best in class visual experiences by offering highly uniform light across large surfaces within small space, a lower total cost of ownership and easy installation, available for light boxes in any size both indoor and outdoor applications. With dedicate developed optical components direct the light at the large surface in a uniform manner, Vivalyte LED bars deliver a homogenous image as not seen before in the illuminated signage. This makes it ideal for extra large light displays where often visual artifact such as dotted pattern or zebra effect are seen as very disturbing, with conventional technologies.

Vivalyte developed an innovative optical system. The patented lens spread the light across the large surface in a unique pattern. It comes with a very wide beam angle of larger than 170 degree, significantly reduced the dotted pattern often seen with conventional LED solutions.  The family of Vivalyte LED bars consists of VDL series, a direct back-lit LED bar family, ranging from 0.4W to 2.4W per leds, situated on the pre-fabricated aluminum bar, a modular design to reduce the heat and ensures the reliability, as well as bring the installation flexibilities. Vivalyte VSL is an edge-lit LED bar solutions, to be mounted at the sides of the light box, ideal for double sided applications. The VSL family comes with several lens options ranging from 15° to 40°, to meet the demand of various sizes and configurations in the market.

Besides the excellent illumination quality, Vivalytes technology helps to save energy and operating cost in significant manner. It offer customers a very short period for return on investment (ROI) compared to light boxes with traditional fluorescent tubes and even conventional

Vivalyte launches the new LED-lit bar at European Sign Expo 2013 at London, taking place from 25th to 27th June, booth number S21N.

About Vivalyte

Vivalyte offers a range of innovative LED-illuminated solutions designed for signage and visual communication for both indoor and outdoor settings. Leveraging over 10 years of R&D and the latest LED technologies, Vivalyte products present a superb visual experience for the lowest total cost of ownership and in the most energy efficient way.