LED Designed for Illuminating Signage

Vivalyte offers a range of innovative LED-illuminated solutions designed for signage and visual communication for both indoor and outdoor settings. Leveraging over 10 years of R&D and the latest LED technologies, Vivalyte products present a superb visual experience for the lowest total cost of ownership and in the most energy efficient way.

As a company, Vivalyte stands for 3 core principles:

  • Best visibility in class
  • Sustainable and usable technology
  • Sensible return of investment

Vivalyte LED Products:

Vivalyte LED benefits:

Superb Images, Excellent Uniformity

Higher brightness and outstanding light distribution


Saves up to 70% on energy, compared to fluorescent tubes and 15% comparing to conventional LED

Low Total Cost of Ownership

The thin and light design makes it easier and cheaper to transport, store, install and service

Although theatres are a niche market, some aspects of our company follow the same logic as any organization. Carrying sustainability in our company values, we searched for a supplier that is flexible enough to investigate all aspects with us and come with the right solution. That’s why we selected Vivalyte. Meanwhile, through our membership of Green Track, an initiative of the cultural actors in Ghent to work on environmental care, and through investments with a healthy ROI (return on investment), we create a win-win situation both for the environment and for our exposure. We hope many colleagues will follow once they see the effect of our new panels.
Mr. Kurt Melens , General Manager of NTGent